Winter Feed Your Happy Lawn

After the long summer drought and an extraordinary exposure to the intensity of UV rays, many lawns haven’t returned to their normal shape so far. Either the colour of the grass, its thickness or just plain bald spots indicate that the turf needs help desperately.

Reseeding parts of the lawn right now may prove pointless; re-sodding is always a valid means to improve its health and looks but often appears out of context.

The most cost effective and least time consuming method is to apply a good quality WINTER fertilizer in late fall. It will protect your lawn during the winter season, releasing its nutrients early in the spring, leaving lots of time for early summer fertilization.

Your happy lawn will contribute to the air quality by producing oxygen and retains the soil on inclines that are subject to erosion and water runoff. It also better withstands wear and tear due to activities, heat, drought and weeds.


Call GREENGO for a free estimate on fertilization. It’s also time to ask about our fall leaves removal campaigns.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Greengo says: "Here are a few tips to ensure a healthy lush lawn come summer."

Don’t have the time or energy to care for your lawn, let Greengo do it for you.

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